​                              Welcome to Emmanuel's Dream and Organization!
​      Mission:  To change society by empowering people with disabilities.

​      Vision: We envision social inclusion, broad education, adaptive therapies, technology, occupational, arts, sports,   recreational opportunities and emotional support for all people with disabilities that will irrevocably manifest their   gifts and dreams.

​  Goals:
  • Raise $3 to 5 million to build and operate aState-of-the-Art Academic, Adaptive Therapy and Sports Academy for 350 K-6 students, and 350 7-12 students,socially advancing 50% students with disabilities and providing extensive employment for adults with disabilities.
  • Build1500 ramps, to provide access to the existing schools in Ghana, so that students with disabilities will have access.
  • Educate, invigorate and motivate thousands of peopleabout the successes, challenges, and possibilities for people with disabilities.
  • Create a modelof facilities, opportunities, human rights, and inclusion for people with disabilities that will be emulated in many other countries and cities.

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Questions? Contact us; edoeefsa@gmail.com
 We are actively fundraising and partnering.We won't stop after Ghana,our goal is even greater than that. Our 501c3 status is a result of our fiscal sponsorship with the Feed My Lambs Global Ministries Inc. a social benefit nonprofit providing peace education, schooling and heartmastery to raise all.

 The History of Emmanuel's Dream.Org:
Emmanuel's Educational Foundation and Sports Academy (EEFSA) for the physically challenged was established five years ago, as a result of an empathic feeling that Emmanuel, a physically challenged person, hadseeing the plight of his colleagues with disabilities in his country.In Ghana, and some other parts of Africa, it is often believed that persons with disabilities are cursed, and not worthy enough to be part of the society. They are often killed or ostracized. Most of their families suffer from poverty and are subject to inadequate nutrition, polio, cholera, malaria and poor maternal health.
Step by Step:
By compiling small donations, the Foundation made huge impact on many people's lives. 1000 wheelchairs were donated to hospitals, institutions and in society;1000 people now know the joy of mobility after a lifetime of crawling on mangled arms and legs.12 tons of goods were distributed to needy families of disabled children. The foundation partnered with Dream Volunteers.Org to enroll 15 students with disabilities into schools from  junior high schools to the tertiary institutions of their choice. Twenty US youth volunteers from Dream Volunteers visited Ghana, met their counterparts and set up a computer training facility; land was gifted by the King to build a school. 
A New Name, A Bigger Game:
The new name is EmmanuelsDream.org, a 501c3, geared towardaccomplishing the goals mentioned above and especially thebuilding of a Emmanuel's Gift Academy:a School, Adaptive Therapy Center, and Sports Academy for youth with disabilities,integrated with youth who are other abled. It will provide  the best in pedogogy, training, occupational opportunities, sports and technology. We are partnering with African and US organizations that innovate in green design, clean water, sanitation, environmental protection, renewable energy, disability services and  equipment design.

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah's Leadership and Inspiration:
This Dream Pursuit has been a long journey both in distance and dedication.During Emmanuel's epic 600 km ride across Ghana in ten days with one leg, Ghana and the world began to take notice of the possibilities for people with disabilities who were typically shunned, underestimated and relegated to poverty and begging. Throughout the ride,Emmanuel raised awareness and gained allies. through persistance,he was able to convince kings, political leaders and community members of the worth of the mission.Emmanuel was the first person with a disability invited into the palace of the Akyem Abuakwa Kingdom and met by King Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panyin II.  The continue to work together. To date, Ghana has the most progressive legislation for inclusion, but lacks resources to innovate and develop the facilities and programs.

Emmanuel's Story:
Many, many articles in magazines, published books, and online tell Emmanuel's fascinating and courageous story of breaking the social and physically barriers of being born with a physical disability. A beautiful documentary was filmed of his bike journeyEmmanuel's Giftthat we would like to gift to you, in exchange for a donation that will allow others to embody their gifts (Donate) Unfortunately none of the royalties from the movies, books or other renditions of Emmanuel's story have financially benefitted Emmanuel or the Organization, but has helped change cultural beliefs.

The journey is far from over!The current  journey is to create the social inclusion model Academy providing opportunities were none yet exist.l And also to inspire people with disabilities to recognize their gifts, prompt adherance to international laws, namely the Geneva Accords about the Rights of the Disabled, national and local laws.  The journey includes collaboration to bring jobs, training, micro-credit, access and acceptance into educational instutions and inspiration to both nonchallenged and people with mobility, health, and access challenges.

Emmanuel continues to serve as a role model for people who are "able bodied" and "disabled"  alike.  While continuing to master sports such as swimming, running, biking, his first love has always been soccer, and so Emmanuel is living another dream by playing on the US National Amputee Soccer Team. Partnering with media, church groups, athletes, and humanitarians,Emmanuel's goal is to continually breakdown percieved barriers.He teaches clinics, visits hospitals, speaks to full house audiences and extends his hand for the express purpose of allowing dreams to flourish.

Emmanuel's Dream Organization Grows
Willing to advocate and inspire, where he is called upon, Emmanuel will continue awareness programs and motivational speaking while also planning, fundraising, and building the school.Dedicated people, with considerable expertise have joined the Board of Directorsand the work of 1 has become the official work of 12, but also includes everyone who shares the mission, spreads the message and takes action. To participate email: edoeefsa@gmail.com

Emmanuel's Dream.org promotes the wellbeing of the challenged and vulnerable while creating global awareness about the rights and abilities of persons with disabilities.Given the needed support, encouragement and inclusion, those considered to have disabilities surpass all expectations.

"Disability is NOT Inability"  Emmanuel reminds us.
***A few of the photos on this page are from other organizations that are doing excellent work in
Ghana and South Africa, we look to them as models and partners.